Evolution of Structural Design

“Through continuous optimization and more than twenty years of experience, we guarantee our customers the highest quality.”

Since the invention of “reinforced concrete“,

the predominant methodology for construction of suspended slabs consisted in a system of beams and orthogonal flat plates.

Different methodologies for suspended slabs have been developed which has seen the introduction of hollow core precast panels (axial load bearing) through to “waffle” slabs, and flat slabs (with & without drop panels), providing bi-axial load bearing which has afforded designers greater flexibility.

The next step in the evolution of reinforced concrete was the introduction of controlled voids in slabs to provide flat slabs (without beams or drop panels) with bi-axial load bearing.

Dr Karsten Pfeffer has been involved in voided slabs since 2000.  He has led the advancement of this technology and now Unidome delivers the market leading product. It,

  • Minimises RC material consumption
  • Simplifies project constructability
  • Delivers multi-directional load bearing slabs
  • Maximises flexibility for designers, constructors, developers, resulting in an increased Project Life Cycle