Philosophy - Sustainability​ - Economic viability - Safety - Social Responsibility


Unidome’s Philosophy is to enhance the environment we live in by improving the sustainability of concrete construction.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
– Albert Einstein, Physicist



Sustainability is not just a trend nor is it simply about minimising material consumption.

Unidome’s holistic approach to sustainability addresses economic, environmental, safety and social issues.

Incorporating Unidome’s concrete shapers results in about 30% reduction of concrete & 20% reduction in steel.   All Unidome products are made from 100 % locally sourced recycled material. These two facts significantly reduce the Carbon Footprint of a Unidome Development. 

Economic viability

Incorporating Unidome’s concrete shapers results in about 30% reduction of concrete & 20% reduction in steel, saving vast amounts of money and construction time, whilst maximizing useable floor areas and ceiling heights.

In general, Unidome will greatly improve the economic performance of a development.

A Unidome slab is technically optimized, lightweight, slender and efficient.  This allows designers to create developments that are more flexible and longer lasting.

Where Unidome is manufactured locally, there is the added benefit of reduced transportation costs.


The definition and understanding of what “Safety“ in construction & development means has changed within the past few years.

Integration of Unidome:

  • simplifies the construction process, creating a safer work methodology, minimising the risk of injury,
  • creates lighter structures which are safer in seizmic activity
  • improves the useability of the structure through greater flexibility in design,
  • provides opportunities for building designers to innovate to resolve hazards in construction and end use, such as lighter weight structures that perform better in siezmic activity.

Social Responsibility

Why should the industrialised countries of the world be the only ones to benefit from advanced construction technology.  Unidome’s global-but-local approach, is enabling us to deliver our technology affordably to emerging countries and developing markets.

Honesty, Transparency, Sincerity, Integrity, Ethical Behavior and Long-term relationships are the main pillars of Unidome’s culture.

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