The sustainable product line for concretecomponents between 18 cm and 50 cm thick. Climate protection

The universally applicable, patented as well as sustainable product line UNIDOME XS is suitable for use in concrete components between 18 cm and 50 cm component thickness Unidome XS can be used to produce cast-in-place concrete solutions, semi-precast components as well as full precast concrete components with less weight and reduced material consumption. Combinations with other construction methods such as post-tensioning or with a steel composite solution or even concrete core tempering are possible due to the flexible application possibilities of the Unidome elements. From spot-supported flat slabs with large spans, to applications in balcony slabs – Unidome brings lightness.


  • Integrated spacers to the load-bearing reinforcement
  • surrounding pins for safe spacing control
  • / simple fixing mechanism for fast assembly
  • integrated support tunnel for high stability
  • centrally located vent for proper compaction
  • optimized stackability to increase transport capacity
  • material-friendly design
  • available in 11 sizes

The use of more than twenty years of experience in the development and application of void former technologies have enabled the creators of Unidome to design the most advanced concrete former available today. The smallest details in the design process have enabled an optimized production from recycled material, space-saving packaging and transport, easy and site-friendly assembly and installation, as well as the necessary quality and stability for use in sustainable projects – worldwide.


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Unidome XS-H concrete former shells are available in 5 different sizes. In various combinations, this creates 11 different concrete former sizes in a 2 cm incremented height The half-part concrete formers XS-H are delivered to the construction site packed on pallets to save space and assembled on site to create Concrete Formers XS. In combination with 2 fixing rods and the Unifix hooks, the half part concrete formers XS-H are pre-assembled to Concrete former elements XS at the construction site.


The sustainable product line for concrete components between 18 cm and 50 cm thick.

Cast-in-place concrete application

Unidome Concrete Shaper Elements XS are installed between the bottom and top reinforcement layers as an installation component for displacing heavy concrete. The elements also serve as spacers for the upper reinforcement. The concrete formers displace between 3.35 and 12.65 cubic meters of concrete and reduce between 8.4 and 31.6 tons of load per one hundred square meters of void former area. Quite incidentally, this avoids between 0.7 and 2.7 tons of CO2 emissions per one hundred square meters of void formers area.

Semi-precast application

Certified Unidome Concrete Forming Elements XS for use in combination with any type of construction, whether cast-in-place concrete solution, semi-precast application or precast application. This allows to save material, weight and money everywhere while – by the way – doing something good for the environment.

Precast application