| A Greeting from the UNIDOME Partners |

Basically, everything in the world of construction revolves around the concept of “equilibrium”. What is meant is a paradigm of a technical nature. Regardless of whether the focus is on a single structural element at local level or the overall, global building is looked at, the principle is that individual subsystems have to be in the state of equilibrium just as the whole entity of the individual systems, namely the building itself.

If one extrapolates the approach of equilibrium, or just the search for the optimal solution, qualitatively to the entirety of a construction project and the associated disciplines, it quickly becomes clear that it is nevertheless more difficult to find the optimal solution: in addition to the technical implementation of the project task, both manufacturing costs as well as the later operating costs and the ecological impacts also have to be taken into consideration.

In view of the fact that the construction industry takes maximum values for environmentally harmful emissions, energy consumption and waste generation, it is clear to everyone how difficult it can be to balance all disciplines in the desired optimal balance.

It is in the nature of things that the best possible solution does not consist of the sum of the optimal solutions of each individual discipline. Compromises are often necessary between the individual requirements in order to achieve the best solution across all areas.

At Unidome we have recognized this and would like to hand the benefits we achieve over to our clients. We give our customers access to a complex technology, through our simple products. Our products act as a link between the individual disciplines, thanks to which no compromises have to be made. Technically mature solutions that are sustainable and that minimize the costs of a building.
We also see it as our task as a company to make our processes as transparent as possible for our customers. Local products for local projects. Everywhere and for everyone. That is our contribution to sustainability.


Dr. Karsten Pfeffer

Curriculum Vitae
  • Studies of civil engineering / Technical University Darmstadt, Germany
  • Doctorate of civil engineering  / Technical University Darmstadt, Germany / Subject: bending and punching behaviour of biaxial voided flat slabs
  • Structural engineer at various companies / BubbleDeck & Cobiax
  • Managing Director at Cobiax / Development and Invention of Cobiax (Pro-Line, Eco-Line, Slim-Line and CLS) / Preparition of Cobiax approvals / Marketlaunch of Cobiax Products in Germany and internationally
  • Receipt of German Material Efficiency Price 2010
  • Founder of Unidome

Khalid Al-Qaqa

Curriculum Vitae
  • Bachelor of Engineering Degree from Al-Balqa Applied University – Jordan.
  • Master Degree in Business Adminsitration from CASS Business School , City University , London – United Kingdom
  • Founder & CEO of EEE Group a diversified business group of companies with HQ in Dubai – UAE and branches, associated offices in 13 countries world wide and workforce of more than 600 people.
  • Chosen by Forbes magazine among the top 100 Executives in the MENA region for five consecutive years in a row 2014 to 2018
  • CEO at EEE Group of Companies.
  • Founder of Unidome