UNIDOME Products

Unidome development team takes advantage of its more than two decades of of personal experience to allways create state-of-the-art concrete-shapers that even excel the demand of performance.

Using the UNIDOME product-lines

To create flat efficient bi-axial slabs with integrated spherical cavities, Unidome offers two models in varying sizes.

Unidome xs

For a range of slab thicknesses between 18 cm and 45 cm
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unidome xl

For a range of slab thicknesses between 40 cm and 80 cm
Discover the available Unidome Product Lines

The new central

leads to a high degree of robustness and withstands the multiple rough impacts on a building site. Furthermore, while casting, optimal deaeration is provided. This results in optimal workability and delivers impaccable quality of concrete works, as expected.

The innovations at a glance

  • Eight integrated spacer strips on the top and bottom side to ensure a stable stand on the reinforcement and to guarantee sufficient concrete cover to the load-bearing reinforcement of at least 15 mm.
  • Integrated tunnel for increased stability.

  • No additional measures and calibration on site thanks to integrated distance pins.

  • Safe and quick assembly because of a novel locking mechanism.

  • Easy assembly and installation using only two reinforcement bars.

  • Deaeration during concreting through a central opening for best concreting results.

100% Recycled

Unidome concrete-shapers make use of the least amount of plastic material. The products consist out of 100% recyceld material.

Unidome concrete shapers with optimized stackability properties and hence maximum transport capacity fulfill all expectations regarding a sustainable supply chain.

A smart closure of concrete-shapers, along with a sophisticated but simple assembly mechanism of Unidome Elements XS help to speed up the building process.