Most advanced and efficient solution

Similar to the development of reinforced concrete construction, it was inevitable that advancements needed to be made in the technology for multi axially behaving slabs with internal cavities, so that it would be internationally readily accepted. 

An overview of the development of technology from its origins to today in fast motion, as below.

Early 1970s

As early as the 1970s, the  first patents for slabs with internal spheres can be found, however these structures did not deliver any significant economic benefit. After 2000, the first remarkable applications began, based on the doctoral thesis about biaxial voided flat slabs, written by Karsten Pfeffer (of origin: Technical University of Darmstadt).

More sophisticated products

With one of the first developed well known products of another brand, in 2005 the basis has been created for a starting success for this kind of technology for biaxial voided flat slabs. This first product-line has been developed by Dr. Karsten Pfeffer. In the following years Dr. Karsten Pfeffer and his team have developed upgraded products (see curriculum vitae of Dr. Karsten Pfeffer). This award winning  award winning designs and technology has been widely used around the globe. Outstanding international projects have utilised the technology, with more than 20 million square metres of slabs being delivered to date.

Twenty years of experience

In 2019  Dr. Karsten Pfeffer and his colleagues founded UNIDOME. Building on 20 years of experience, the latest concrete shapers UNIDOME XS and UNIDOME XL will take this “simple but brilliant“ methodology to a new level.