Today, Unidome offers the most advanced and efficient solution when it comes to implementing lightweight, material-friendly and sustainable reinforced concrete slabs. Similarly to the basic development of the reinforced concrete construction, the development of biaxial void former slabs also shows several steps of evolution. Nowadays, this construction method enjoys international acceptance.

In the paragraphs below, we have summarized for you the cornerstones of the development of the biaxial voided slabs, limited to the essential points.

Early 1970s

At the beginning of the seventies, the first approaches to concrete slabs with integrated spherical displacement units were developed. However, these initial approaches did not yet lead to profound technical understanding, which is why no significant successes were visible at that time. Due to the research carried out by Karsten Pfeffer, who had investigated the exact load-bearing behavior of biaxial reinforced concrete slabs with integrated void formers as part of his dissertation, it was possible to carry out the first significant projects using this technology after the turn of the millennium.


In 2005, a major cornerstone was laid for the now widely used technology of the biaxial void formerslab. This development can largely be traced back to the early efforts of Dr. Karsten Pfeffer. With the further product lines of a well-known brand invented and developed under Dr. Karsten Pfeffer’s decisive supervision (see also Dr. Karsten Pfeffer’s curriculum vitae), the internationalization of this construction technology was progressively advanced. At that time, the technology had already been awarded several environmental and innovation prizes. Up to now, about20 million square meters of this innovative construction method have been realized worldwide, including impressive international masterpieces.


Based on the experience of the last twenty years and the unbroken desire to continue the history of concrete displacement system, UNIDOME was launched in 2019. With the help of the newly released UNIDOME XS and UNIDOME XL product lines, the design is taken to a new level. Simple. Brilliant.