The UNIDOME Technology

The Unidome technology cosists of a construction method,
a design concept and the corresponding building products to realize the Unidome construction method.
This construction method is a material-efficient lightweight construction method in which material is eliminated
where it has only a negligible
load-bearing function.
The Unidome design concept is a methodology developed over decades
to be able to calculate the resulting cavity structures simply and reliably
by using the factor method to apply the conventional
and internationally recognized design principles
in reinforced concrete construction.
The Unidome construction products are concrete formers
developed and tested for their respective applications to create safe,
economical and sustainable concrete structures.
Unidome is an international brand and holds international
patents and approvals.

The UNIDOME effects

Any layout due to the biaxial load-bearing capacity – large spans – thinner slabs – fewer columns – no disturbing joists – thin and safe building structures – reduction of dead load – increased earthquake resistance – reduced deformations – optimized foundations and building footing – high material efficiency – acceleration of the construction progress – possible combination with concrete core tempering – possible combination with post-tensioning – reduction of concrete and reinforcing steel -reduction of CO2 emissions – reduction of construction costs.

Research and development

is of utmost importance to us. The cooperation with various internationally recognized research institutes, partners and local authorities enables us to offer tested, validated as well as quality-assured products and construction technology for a global application. The Unidome pioneers have a diversified know-how in the field of sustainable void former technology and can rely on an experience of more than 20 years. This experience is of course also used for new innovations, following the motto
“never remain stagnant – permanently develop further”. TO THE VIDEO


The design concept for the biaxial voided slabs developed by Dr. Pfeffer, based on the results of research carried out specifically on this subject, is now considered to be the internationally recognized state of the art. The resulting parameters for the design of the voided slabs are easy to handle, so that the design can be carried out by any structural engineer in the same way as the design of a solid flat concrete slab. TO THE DESIGN TOOLS




Execution at the construction site

The execution at the construction site can be carried out by any construction company, whether small or large. The simple assembly and installation of the Unidome elements is carried out on the basis of an individually prepared Unidome layout drawings, which is worked out in coordination with the planners involved in the construction. Our highly motivated Unidome team will be happy to help you with your detailed questions. TO THE VIDEOS

Accurate concrete compaction

Thanks to the integrated venting function of the new Concrete Formers XS

Simply light

Concrete slabs with Concrete Formers XS