Oktober 2021: World’s largest span using a biaxial void former slab

Unidome proudly presents a project in which the world’s largest span is realized with a sustainable biaxial void former slab. As part of the new Loxone Campus in Kollerschlag, Austria, a lecture hall with a span of 33m x 21m is being built. The 90cm thick, slightly curved slab is an architectural and engineering masterpiece, made possible thanks to the use of Unidome XS-D3 void formers. The Unidome concrete formers will save 72 cubic meters of concrete and 180 tons of dead load in this slab. In this slab alone, the concrete displacement will avoid 15 tons of CO2 emissions. In the entire project – by the way – Unidome is avoiding more than 125 tons of CO2 emissions. This extraordinary application underlines the versatile use of Unidome for sustainable concrete structures of all kinds.