September 2021: Unidome application started for the new building of GEMÜ headquarter

The world market leader in the field of valve, process and control technology, GEMÜ Gebr. KG is getting a new headquarters at its location in Kupferzell. The likewise high-quality and sustainable building, which was designed by the architectural office Schmelzle+Partner, is to reflect teamwork and a transparent way of working of the company after its completion. A high level of functional comfort is intended to facilitate optimal and cooperative working in the open-space office. The large spans will be realized with a sustainable Unidome flat slab. This will save more than 500 cubic meters of concrete, 1,250 tons of dead weight and 100 tons of CO2 emissions Special thanks to all involved in the project!  

Builder: GEMÜ
Architect: Schmelzle+Partner
Engineer:Kraft Baustatik
Construction Company: Stauch Bau GmbH